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Dust Bowl

Through the Decades

Our story has unfolded, riding the tides of America and the world, toward a future of growth. Each month we’ll feature a decade in the life of Wilbur-Ellis and count up to present day.

Michael Hunter

Lessons From A Decade

Our leaders discuss what our history can teach us today. From CFO Michael Hunter: What the 1930s teach us about current day challenges.

Connell employee group photo in garden.

Thoughts on a Milestone

Our employees talk about what it’s like to work for a company celebrating 100 years in business and their predictions for the next 100 years.

Kids' Giving Program: July Winners

Daniella holding a bush baby.

Daniella Van Zyl, Australia (9 to 11)

When I was 4, I was very lucky to hold a bush baby in South Africa. I would love a bush baby as a pet and would take good care of it. We have something in common, we both love fruit and yoghurt. They are quite small and very fluffy with squishy round fingernails. I would take it everywhere with me. I love animals and have had bunnies, dogs, and tortoises as pets but unfortunately, I had to leave them in South Africa with friends when we moved to Australia.

Sydney Day.

Sydney Day, United States (12 to 14)

If I could have any animal in the whole world as a pet, I would pick to have a sugar glider. It would be fun to watch it glide around, and it would be a new experience to take care of it. The sugar glider would have its own room in the basement, because they like to be cool, and they don’t like direct sunlight. I would put perches all over the habitat, and feed it fruits, veggies, and the occasional meat. I would also get two sugar gliders, because they are very social animals, and they will always need a friend! In conclusion, if I could get any pet in the word, I would get two sugar gliders.

Santiago Malavet, United States (9 to 11)

Sloth hanging upside down.

Hayden Desserich, United States (15 to 17)

I would own a pet sloth, they are cute, friendly, and not in any rush to go anywhere anytime, kind of like me. If I had one of those little critters it would go everywhere with me. I’d put a hammock in the back of my car for him, and maybe a little snack bar back there for him too? I’d probably give him his own room in the house with a sloth jungle gym for him to climb around on and put a little tv so he can watch sloth documentaries on tv when I’m not hanging out with him. I’d make sure to train him to do things like come to his name, which would be Sid of course. I’d probably get him a stuffed wooly mammoth to hang out with as well or a real one if I can track one down.

Ethan Turner.

Ethan Turner, United States (6 to 8)

I would have a grizzly bear because it can chase all the wolves and it can protect our family and farm. I will tame it and it will be a nice and protective grizzly. I will take care of him by feeding him, watering him, and checking him like we check our steers. I will take him on walks and tuck him into bed at night. He will have his own blanket and pillow and his name would be Grizzly.