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July Submissions

At Wilbur-Ellis, we help feed your pets at home and animals on the farm.

If you could have any animal in the whole world as a pet, what would it be and why? Bonus points for telling us how you would take care of this new pet.

Hayden Desserich

Hayden Desserich (15-17)

I would own a pet sloth, they are cute, friendly, and not in any rush to go anywhere anytime, kinda like me. If I had one of those little critters it would go everywhere with me. I’d put a hammock in the back of my car for him, and maybe a little snack bar back there for him too? I’d probably give him his own room in the house with a sloth jungle gym for him to climb around on and put a little tv so he can watch sloth documentaries on tv when I’m not hanging out with him. I’d make sure to train him to do things like come to his name, which would be Sid of course. I’d probably get him a stuffed wooly mammoth to hang out with as well or a real one if I can track one down.

Ethan Turner

Ethan Turner (6-8)

I would have a grizzly bear because it can chase all the wolves and it can protect our family and farm. I will tame it and it will be a nice and protective grizzly. I will take care of him by feeding him, watering him and checking him like we check our steers. I will take him on walks and tuck him into bed at night. He will have his own blanket and pillow and his name would be Grizzly.

Sydney Day

Sydney Day (12-14)

If I could have any animal in the whole world as a pet, I would pick to have a sugar glider. It would be fun to watch it glide around, and it would be a new experience to take care of it. The sugar glider would have its own room in the basement, because they like to be cool, and they don't like direct sunlight. I would put perches all over the habitat, and feed it fruits, veggies, and the occasional meat. I would also get two sugar gliders, because they are very social animals, and they will always need a friend! In conclusion, if I could get any pet in the word, I would get two sugar gliders.

Santiago Malavet (9-11)

Daniella Van Zyl

Daniella Van Zyl (9-11)

When I was 4 I was very lucky to hold a bush baby in South Africa. I would love a bush baby as a pet and would take good care of it. We have something in common we both love fruit and yoghurt. They are quite small and very fluffy with squishy round fingernails. I would take it everwhere with me. I love animals and have had bunnies, dogs and tortoises as pets but unfortunately I had to leave them in South Africa with friends when we moved to Australia.

Kya Tschetter

Kya Tschetter (12-14)

If I could have any pet in the world it would be a red fox. I’m not sure what they eat but I would have to Google information for it. I would need an outside cage or kennel and bedding to keep it warm in the South Dakota winters. My favorite pet was Ginger the bunny. She was my favorite because she was sweet, fluffy and chubby. I fed her rabbit pellets and alfalfa. Sometimes she got strawberries and kale. She got a lot of attention and snuggles. I miss her very much. I also have 3 dogs and 5 horses.

Olivia Tschetter

Olivia Tschetter (9-11)

If I could have any pet in the world it would be another bunny. I would feed it rabbit pellets and alfalfa. I have a cage already and a heated place to keep it warm in the winter. I have a food dish and water bottle for it. I would let it run around in a caged area and give it a lot of hugs and attention. I would play with it and take it for walks. I would give it some toys to play with.

Kaydence Tschetter

Kaydence Tschetter (15-17)

If I could have any pet in the world it would be a wolf. I would make sure it got plenty of exercise, food, water and love. It would need a large space to run around in. I already have 3 dogs that would love to play with it.

Rylee-Rose Sabay (3-5)

If I can have any animal in the world, a giraffe. My mom is short and when I am on her shoulders or back, I am not that tall. But if I sit on a Giraffe, I will be very tall and I can see the world. I want to see everything. Also, they have pretty fur and it reminds me of baby blanket. Ohhhhhh they eat leaves and I think that is cool. I eat leaves too with ranch.

John-Austin Giere

John-Austin Giere (3-5)

I would want the frilled lizard because it is cool. If can’t have it, then I would want just a lizard. Just as everybody knows, I would feed it insects & ants; but not sure where I would keep it.

Calya Aneira (9-11)

I would like a lion to be my pet if possible. I will need to grow it since it was baby, first minutes after it was born, then educate the lion to be vegan, I will then grow it together with my kittens. I hope I can change the nature of lion to be calm, vegan BUT still look wild and frightening.

Aidan Issler

Aidan Issler (6-8)

If I could get any pet in the world I would get a dog. A dog would make a good friend. If you are lonely a dog is with you and you can play with them. I love dogs because they make good friends. I have never had a dog but would love to have one. I help my brothers take care of their 4H animals (rabbits and pigs) so I think I would be good at taking care of a dog. I would take care of the dog by feeding him when I eat. I would play catch with the dog for exercise. I would give my dog love by hugging and petting it. A dog would be fun to take care of.

Nolan Wilbur (15-17)

Conrad Wilbur (15-17)

Clark Wilbur (12-14)

Graci Turner

Graci Turner (9-11)

I would want a mini pony because I want to take my 6 month old sister, Ada, on rides. It would also work as a lawn mower because it would eat grass. Ada and I could use it to go to town and we could get a wagon to ride in while it pulls us. I will take care of it by feeding it, watering it, riding it, and making sure its healthy by giving it its shots and changing his shoes. Ada will help once she gets older. My pony's name would be Blackberry.

Traecyn Turner

Traecyn Turner (6-8)

I would want a bunny because I could show it at the fair. I will take care of it by feeding and watering it. I will make sure its healthy every day. His name would be Snowflake.

Wyatt Esser (6-8)

I would want an ostrich to be my pet. It would be really fun to ride and they are really funny looking. They are really fast.

Addie Greenfield (3-5)

Maximus Clinker (3-5)

Max loves to see “woof woofs” in his neighborhood. Some day he hopes to have a doggy of his own. He would give it fresh water and feed it. He would play fetch and pet it daily.

Genevieve Hall (3-5)

Shi Heng Neo (9-11)

If I could have any animal in the whole world as a pet, I would like to have platypus for a pet. Because it looks special and it is also quite cute to me. I would feed it with shrimps, worms, and crayfish. In addition, I would build a small pool to swim in and a litter box for it to sleep in.

Alyvia Dissiah Fuller

Alyvia Dissiah Fuller (3-5)

I want a Unicorn for a pet. I love Unicorns!! She would be pink because I love pink and I would name her Pinky Pie. I promise I won’t let her die and will take her to my house. She can live in my room. I will buy her toys. I will play with her all day! I will feed her five carrots every day and water from a forest because I am not afraid of forests or anything!!

Brady Myers

Brady Myers (9-11)

My name is Brady Myers and my choice in pets would be a golden retriever. I choose a golden retriever because they are very active and snugly. I would play fetch with her everyday, let her sleep in my bed, and feed her good nutritious food.

Quinn Malm

Quinn Malm (3-5)

This picture is for my pet, the Roly-Poly. I would like a Roly-Poly for a pet because it is so cute. It can roll up in a ball or come out of the ball when it wants to come out. I would take care of it by keeping it clean, not dirty. It would live in the grass with its Mom and Dad.

Colton Arnold

Colton Arnold (12-14)

I would want a ferret because they would would be a fun animal to have and I would take care by feeding it giving it water and most other normal stuff for a ferret.

Makena Roche (9-11)

I would have a pet Hedgehog. Why you may be asking? Well because they are a cool type of species. There are 17 different types of species. They one I want out of the 17 would be a Four-toed hedgehog. I would take care of it be feeding it twice a day, and letting him run on his hamster wheel. A hedgehog looks like a porcupine however they are different. They are different because porcupines have longer quills. Also hedgehogs have about 5,000 quills whereas porcupines have about 30,000.

Lucia Troy

Lucia Troy (9-11)

My Dream Pet is…. a baby deer!! If I had a baby deer, I’d plant a garden of clover and scarlet poppies. From my window, I could watch him (the baby deer) eat and play all day. Here are some facts about baby deer! Question#1: When are baby deer born? Fact #1: Baby deer are born from April-June in California. Question#2: What are baby deer called? Fact #2: A baby deer is called a fawn. Question #3: How can you tell how old it is? Fact#3: Examine their teeth. A fawn at two months grows premolars and incisors. When a baby deer is 1 ½, its baby teeth will have been replaced by a full set of adult teeth. THE END!!

Jana Meiser (6-8)

Eve Hansen

Eve Hansen (12-14)

If I could have any animal in the world for my pet, I would choose the Fennec Fox. I am drawn to these tiny creatures for a number of reasons, one of which, is that they are incredibly and indescribably cute. They have very petite body types, elegant fluffy tails, and big eyes and ears. These tiny critters hold the title of the world’s smallest fox; they weigh around 1.5 – 3.5 pounds. Surprisingly, unlike most foxes, the Fennec Fox is a very social animal; they live in big groups in the wild, and when they choose a mate, it becomes their life-long partner. Another interesting fact about these social little guys, is that they can bond and coexist with other pets, such as cats and dogs. I love cats, and have two feline friends that are very special to me, so knowing that a Fennec Fox and my cats could be friends would be so sweet! I live in a region that is perfect for Fennec Foxes, because they are designed to live in desert climates with sagebrush and desert scrubs… exactly like my hometown! Since the climate I live in is so Fennec-Fox-friendly, it would be safe for my foxy friend to spend time outdoors. I would put a dog run type enclosure in my back yard for my fox to get its exercise in everyday, and for the rest of the time, it could be inside with me! Fennec Foxes are pretty omnivorous, and eat all sorts of foods, from fruits and veggies, to meat and eggs. Depending on their diet, a Fennec Fox can go long periods without water, but I would keep a filled water dish around just to be safe. Fennec Foxes can also be litter trained, and can be taken for walks on a leash. I think it would be so cool to get to have a Fennec Fox to take on walks, play with, and have around as a fluffy companion!

Vera Hansen

Vera Hansen (6-8)

I would like a dog because they are REALLY cute. And whenever I call Tebow my cousin’s dog he comes. These are the things I would do to take care of my dog: give it food & water. I would buy him/her a few toys. AND I would DEFINITELY play with him/her.

Jay Hansen

Jay Hansen (12-14)

My animal would be tiger because its an incredible animal with several ability’s and it would also honor my grandpa who died over a year ago who bought me a toy tiger when I was 3. That toy inspired me to love these creatures on the earth.The same toy is in my bedroom. If I were to get one I would keep it in a very space filled cage with wild plants. I would fill a container with water for it to drink and a large pool (but not deep) for it to swim in. I would like to feed it chicken that has been pre killed by putting it in a button operated door. I would press the first and put the meat in the area I’d close the door and open the second for the tiger to get the chicken then when it gets out I will close door two. Its name would be mustache.

Jenson Searles (6-8)

A cheetah because they are fast and cool. I would take care of it by feeding it.

Pax Hansen (9-11)

Valor Hansen (3-5)

Rory Schneider

Rory Schneider (6-8)

Hi my name is Rory Kate Schneider. If I could have any animal in the whole world it be a White Bengal Tiger. I would take good care of her by giving her outside space with big rocks to climb on and make it feel comfortable in the sun. I would put a tall fence around its space that is large enough for it to roam. Every session after training for not attacking humans and animals I would give it a Wilbur Ellis cat treat because tigers are related to cats. I would give it a lot of attention by stroking its fur and scratching it’s ears and chin. I would give it breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack. I would read it books, stroke it, and sing lullabies. I would brush it since my cat loves to be brushed and tigers are related to cats. All of this above would be its daily routine. The other things I would do for it are. -Take her for walks to get exercise. -Help her make friends. -If she has babies I would take care of them too. -Give her a toy to play with such as a toy dear or mouse that squeaks. I would provide a cave for shelter in the winter and summer. A blanket would be given for extra protection. Our environment in Nebraska is cold in the winter and hot in the summer much like their climate. We want to help the White Bengal Tiger because they are an endangered species declining every year. I will monitor their behavior to learn more about them and educate others about them. I would ask the government of Nebraska to allow them to be owned by people that care for them. I would clean up her waste and recycle it into compost. Sincerely, Rory Schneider

Joshua Hansen Jr (3-5)

Troy Fastnacht (12-14)

Tyler Fastnacht (15-17)

Ethan Day

Ethan Day (9-11)

If I could have any pet it would be a dog. Not just a dog, a golden retriever because I’ve always wanted a dog. So how would I take care of it? In the morning I would give it food and water then after we would play fetch. Then at lunch I would give it food and water then we would practice and teach it new tricks. Then at dinner I would give it food and water and we would go watch some TV. Then we would go to sleep.

Jace Day

Jace Day (6-8)

I would like a bunny as a pet. I could feed the bunny, and give it drink, and help it stay healthy and pet its fuzzy fur. I would keep my bunny in a cage in my room and we would have lots of adventures together.

Nicole Van Grouw (12-14)

Jamin Van Grouw (12-14)

Aubrie Braden

Aubrie Braden (9-11)

If I could have any pet in the world I would have a puppy. Because they are cute, playful, and they make me smile. The puppy could go swimming with me and it could cuddle with me. I would take care of my puppy by loving it a lot. I would buy it a bed, food, toys, water, medicine and treats. I will take it on a walk. I will take it on vacation. I will brush its hair and give it a lot of kisses.

Abigayl Van Zyl

Abigayl Van Zyl (9-11)

If I were to have any pet in the world, I would pick a bottle nose dolphin. I would take care of my dolphin by working at Dolphin Beach Sea World so that I am able to get professional assistance and keep my dolphin in one of the pools. I would feed it all the unwanted fish that the fisherman can’t sell. I would like to bring awareness to the public as dolphins are facing challenges such as food supply shortages due to over fishing as well as environmental challenges such as pollution. This is not just dolphins it is other marine life as well. Half of the ocean species are either extinct or they are scared to come out of hiding. We can all help save the ocean’s creatures by not polluting, limit fishing to a certain number of fishing per day and stop killing innocent sea animals for no reason. I would pick a dolphin because of their ways to stay alive. I have a dog called Oscar, he is a moodle and a very funny dog who loves going for walks on the beach.

Charis Chew

Charis Chew (3-5)

I wish to have a cat as pet because it is cute and furry. I like it when it purrs and it being so cuddly. I will feed it with fish and meat. I will play with it and even sleep with it if mommy and daddy allows =)

Eric Sarmiento

Eric Sarmiento (12-14)

I would like a parrot and how I would take care of it is have a cage for him and leave it open so he can walk in at any moment. I would let the parrot fly around my room and I would spend time with it. I would teach him how to talk. I would also buy him a mini skateboard.

Hayden Sarmiento

Hayden Sarmiento (9-11)

I would want a Tiger because it is a BIGGER kitty cat and on hot days I would feed it popsicles.

Mia Sarmiento

Mia Sarmiento (9-11)

I would want a tiger because it is a big cat and I love cats!

Andrew Sarmiento

Andrew Sarmiento (12-14)

If I could have any pet I would want a pet because they are cute and furry.

Christopher Sarmiento

Christopher Sarmiento (6-8)

I would have a baby tiger because they are soft and cuddly. To take care of it I would get meat from the store.

Riddhima Chaudhary

Riddhima Chaudhary (9-11)

If I get a chance to pet a animal then I pet a cow,I like cow very much.cow is a useful animal. She is very gentle and clean animal. Her take care is so easy she eat grass & fodder. The cow is a milking animal & it’s milk good for our health. The cow is also used in agricultural work. It’s Care is very easy,so I like cow 🐄 very much.

Atharva Kulkarni (3-5)

George Jungwirth (3-5)

Olivia Finch

Olivia Finch (15-17)

If I could have any pet in the world, I would choose a dolphin. I always hope to see a dolphin at the beach. I have also wanted to someday swim with dolphins. A dolphin would be an awesome pet to have because they live in the water unlike the dogs I have. Having a dolphin as a pet would take me on some amazing adventures. Taking care of a dolphin would take lots of responsibility, but it would be so much fun. Before getting a dolphin, I would need to figure out where the dolphin would live, what it would eat, what to name it, and what to do with it. My dolphin’s name would be Coral. Before I have Coral live in the ocean, I would keep her in an aquarium to teach her how to come to me when I call for her. Once Coral has mastered the skill of listening to me, I would buy a beach house and have her live in the ocean. Coral would feed herself by catching fish and crabs in the ocean. Every now and then, I would call for Coral to give her a treat. I would spend lots of my time swimming and exploring underwater with my dolphin. Eventually, I think I would teach Coral tricks like jumping out of the water and jumping through a hoop. Having a dolphin as a pet would be such a great experience!

Isabella Finch

Isabella Finch (12-14)

If I could have any pet in the world, I would have a penguin. My penguin would be named Flappy. I would name my penguin Flappy because their arms flap around. Flappy would live in my house. I would have an iceberg in my house. The iceberg would connect to a pool of water with lots of fish. I would feed Flappy as a baby. I would blend the fish up to make it easier for Flappy to eat. As Flappy gets older I would teach Flappy how to find fish in the pool. I would also have a pet bird to teach Flappy how to fly. Flappy would be the first penguin to fly. I would only have one penguin at first. Then I would get more. I would also live in Alaska. My house would always be cold just in case Flappy got out. I would also have lots of coats so I could go near the iceberg. This is how I would take care of my dream pet.

Muskaan Chhabra

Muskaan Chhabra (12-14)

I would have a pet dog because they are loyal, cute, adorable and caring. I would play with my pet, spend a lot of time with it, protect my pet at any cost will make sure it’s happy as well as healthy and safe with me as animals can’t speak and we as humans are the one who are responsible to take care of them.

Madilyn Scymanky

Madilyn Scymanky (12-14)

If I had to choose one animal to have as a pet in the whole world it would be a horse. I chose a horse because they are interesting, full of personality and best yet they are in many events at the rodeo, such as saddle bronc riding, barrel racing, team roping, bare back riding, tie down roping, wild cow milking and so much more. I would take care of this horse by exercising my horse, making sure my horse has plenty of food, water, hay and plenty of room to graze. I would also make sure my horse stays healthy by making sure I have a good equine veterinarian and a good farrier. Some cool facts I know about horses are that horses are able to sleep while lying down or standing. Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton. Male horses have four more teeth than female horses. I love riding my neighbors horse, it was in the Molalla rodeo at one time. Animals that I have had, or currently have are a rabbit, pig, two dogs and a turtle. To conclude if I had to choose one animal in the world as a pet it would be a horse because they are interesting, full of personality and they are used in the rodeo and so much more. Horses are not easy to care for nor are they cheap but if everything you are doing is easy then you’re doing something wrong.

Luke Scymanky

Luke Scymanky (6-8)

If I had to pick an animal it would be a turtle. I’m gonna feed it, clean its shell and give it water. I will give it a bath and play with it. They are cool, slow, funny with cats and dogs. I will let it outside and clean its terrarium.

Jocelynn Nguyen

Jocelynn Nguyen (15-17)

For a pet I would choose a Doberman Pinscher. They are literally the coolest dogs you can own. They are the definition of ‘fine’ (fine = godly good looking), they could be the most friendly, aggressive, and smartest dog someone could own. Omg and their silver chain necklace that they will be repen. To take care of them I would take them to their yearly check up, training, feeding, exercise. I could finally also get some exercise with someone.

Eve Hansen

Eve Hansen (15-17)

Dear children of the not-so-distant future, did you know that you can learn anything from a book? When I was a kid twenty-five years ago, reading was one of my favorite things to do. I would read cookbooks to learn how to make new things for my family, I would read art books to learn how to draw better pictures, and I would read animal books to help me know more about and take better care of my pets! I don’t know what all forms of knowledge intake will be common in your day, be it audiobooks and digital copies, or eyeglasses with built-in screens and reading apps that appear right before your eyes; but my message is simple: find a way to read, listen, or whatever method of intake you choose and LEARN. Finding a fun way to learn is an excellent gateway to success.

Averlynn & Javern Ong (6-8)

Jocilyn Rubio (9-11)


As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, we launched the Giving Program to help people in need worldwide. In total, the Giving Program raised $52,000 USD for the Red Cross, building on the company’s $100,000 donation in 2020.

Giving Program Recap