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February Submissions

Valentine’s Day, on February 14, is a day when we tell the people we love that we love them!

We’re inviting kids to share fun, creative ideas for making Valentine’s Day special or saying “I love you” … or just give a shout-out to your Valentine for all the things they do that make them special!

And if Valentine’s Day has another name or is different in your country, we’d love to hear how it’s celebrated there.

For each response the company will make a donation to the Red Cross.   

Vera Hansen

Vera Hansen (6-8)

My Valentine this year is probably going to be my best friend Aelea. We've known each other for 8 years and we both are 8. I have a broken arm and today she brought me a gift --well, actually a few gifts. So, that's why I think she'll be my Valentine this year. She was there when I broke my arm and I think she was wanting to watch a movie with me this afternoon to keep me company when I can't do much with a broken arm. She lives right across our yard and we built a gate in our fence. So, now we could just go through each other's yard to play. I love being best friends with her.

Nolan Issler

Nolan Issler (9-11)

My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is being creative and making boxes for cards for parties at school. I have made animals, a basketball hoop, a baseball stadium, and even a toilet for my box. I really like art and being creative, so this has always been a fun project for me. My favorite box was a Pac-Man arcade game box I made a few years ago.

Pax Hansen

Pax Hansen (9-11)

Me and most of my friends love to do the same things. We like to play with each other, draw, and do video games. So, one way I think I can make a holiday special is spending time with the people I love in the ways we love it. My valentine is actually one of my friends. It's a friendship valentine with a cousin named Payton. He's younger than me, which means he has a little bit more energy and he loves to play the games I come up with. So, the way I want to show my valentine I love him is that I want to play some games with him. I want to make sure he has a good time.

Joshua (Jr.) Hansen

Joshua (Jr.) Hansen (6-8)

I love Norah and I play with her. Ways to show someone you love them are to play with them, play in the snow, take a picture with them, eat popsicles with them, and make a valentine card for them. Also pet cats together and use binoculars to find birds. Spend time together. Other ways to help and love people is hugs and having hot cocoa, swinging, piggy back rides and riding bikes, eating together, and reading books together. I love everybody.

Jay Hansen

Jay Hansen (12-14)

A fun way to make Valentine's Day a fun day is to give gifts to each other, and to have a special dinner. Leaving boxes of chocolate at people's doorsteps is a kind way to hand out chocolate anonymously. Watching family movies with your family is another fun activity for the end of the day. Also, a way to show love is to give people something to eat by serving at Soul Soup (a church that does a soup kitchen in our area and gives people things like sandwiches when they don't have anything of their own to eat).

Valor Hansen

Valor Hansen (3-5)

I want to show somebody love and what I'm going to make is a Pikachu out of cardboard. I need a box if I'm going to make him, but I don't know how I'm going to get a box. I'm going to make Pikachu right now. I'll also make a Snorlax. I'll show love by giving them to Grandma. I also want to make a bat out of cardboard. I think if the wind was strong enough, that I could fly it outside. Or I could fly around if the wind was just strong enough to make me fly. I was going to make a bunny for my cousin Norah and if I make all the parts strong enough that she can't even break it, then I will give it to her. I love you (Wilbur-Ellis people). I love people by giving people treats. The end. (The picture is of Valor working on one of his cardboard crafts)

Eve Hansen

Eve Hansen (15-17)

A lot of the traditions regarding Valentine’s Day involve flowers and chocolate, and cards for your special person. I like to take advantage of those traditions while adding more meaning and value to the present. I researched and learned about the different meanings of the colors of a rose. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. So, for Valentine’s Day, I gave my friend chocolate, a yellow rose, and a plush bear. I told her about the symbolism of the yellow rose, and what made it special. She really liked her gift! (Eve loves giving meaningful gifts. The picture is of her giving a special gift to her sister a few weeks ago.)

Kenneth Tea

Kenneth Tea (6-8)

Dear Shamaine 姐姐 (sister), I love you a lot, just like how I love my dinosaurs. You are my Super T-Rex who keeps my bullies at bay. You are cool even when I stutter. You helped me learn to ride my bike on two wheels even though I told you I don’t mind riding on four wheels the rest of my life (that wasn’t true, I was scared). You always secretly help me put back my toys when dad is mad at me for making a mess. You’d nag me after that, which I don’t like at all. You play silly games with me when no one else would. You take me to the park every day and watch me run around like a mad kid. You are the best sister in the world! Love, Kenneth

Rui Herng Hou

Rui Herng Hou (3-5)

Mummy, you shine on me like a sun, let me bloom like a sunflower for you. I love you, Mummy!

Wei Ning Kok

Wei Ning Kok (6-8)

Every day is a good day, including Valentine's Day for me and my family. This year was a bit special because Valentine's Day fell on the third day of Chinese New Year. I felt grateful and thankful that we can have a wonderful homecooked dinner from Papa & Mummy at home to celebrate these 2 occasion days together. The foods were super yummy yummy. To make it more special, I made lovely cards as a Valentine's present for Papa & Mummy too as an extra surprise gift and appreciation. Last but not least, I sang a Barney's song "I Love You" to them too. Happy Valentine's Day to all and smile always.

Katie Uhlir

Katie Uhlir (12-14)

This is a painting of my mom’s dad I did for her. Her dad passed away when she was 11. Though after time her stepdad Darell came into her life. My biological grandpa's family always treated Darell well and welcomed him with open arms because that's how we show love in our family. Family isn't just blood family it the people you care about.

Charis Chew (6-8)


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