Submission Form/Steps


In order to submit a team proposal, every individual on your team must first be registered.

To register, please go to the registration page and then return to this submission form. The information on your submission form must match the information you provided on your registration form.

Also, please note that we only need one submission per team from your designated team leader.

Guidelines & Tips

  • Purpose. The purpose of this competition is to propose innovative approaches to feeding a growing world population.
  • Creating your proposal. When creating your proposal, think through the following questions:
    • What specific problem are you trying to solve?
    • What is your proposed solution and who is it for?
    • What is the desired outcome?
    • How is your solution different/better than what exists today?
    • How might you implement this solution?
    • What risks or barriers might you face in bringing this solution to market?
  • Make your submission come to life! We encourage you to supplement your written proposal with up to five (5) images, graphics, videos or any other multimedia assets. 
  • Please reference the full entry guidelines and rules for additional details.