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April Submissions

April 22 is Earth Day – an annual observance that highlights the importance of protecting the environment. For over 50 years, millions of people around the world have celebrated Earth Day.

This year, in honor of Earth Day, the April “Giving Program” question for kids and adults asks:

What can individuals do – and what are you doing – to help protect the environment?

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2021

Wei Haw Low

Wei Haw Low (9-11)

I love my earth. To protect our planet, there are some actions that I will do: - Recycle books, papers and plastics – previously in my school, every first week of the month there was a recycle day. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, now I will collect all the recycling and my parents will send to the recycle center. - I will turn off the water when brushing my teeth to save water. - When going out dining, I will use my metal straw to reduce the use of plastic straws. - Besides that, I have a small plant too because plants help provide oxygen. Hope a little me with little efforts can protect our earth and make the world a greener place.

Wei Xuan Kok

Wei Xuan Kok (12-14)

A Beautiful World Starts with You! During my primary time, I participated in the school monthly Recycle Day program - involving & understanding the purpose & need of Recycle, Reuse & Reduce. With my little efforts, I've been awarded as a little Recycle Warrior every year in school. In Kindergarten, my teacher taught us to use recycle / reuse things to design creative artworks as well. With this knowledge & education I gained, I started taking steps to save our planet. In my surroundings I have 3 simple, small recycle bins for plastic, paper & aluminum set-up in my house. Additional things I do: • I turn off lights and appliances when not in use • Say "NO" to plastic bags & straws • Only print paper when necessary • Bring my own bottle & container to pack meals • Plant small plants in my garden for a better and clean atmosphere • Carpool as necessary • Teach my little brother & sister the importance of protecting our Planet All of these habits & small changes can keep our Earth as an incredible place to live. Let's Love Our Earth Every Day.

Zhen Yee Cheang

Zhen Yee Cheang (6-8)

Make everyday Earth Day. Below are my proactive ways to save the earth as saving the earth makes me smile. a) I say no to single use plastic cutlery. I use my own container for take away, carry a reusable water bottle and bring my own metal straw to help minimize waste. b) Reuse and decorate the cups, fill it with soil and plant flowers. I take care of my plants with tender, loving care by watering them using watering cans. c) Reduce the number of foods going into the landfills by composting foods scraps such as potato peels, wilted veggies and throwing them in my plants as it produces free and rich soils. d) Recycle glass, newspaper, aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and papers at community recycling facilities. e) Pick up trash and put the waste in the correct bin. We need mother earth and I love her as much as I love my mummy and daddy.

Xin Ru Cheang

Xin Ru Cheang (6-8)

Small hands can change the world. To make it a happier, healthy and greener planet, I do my part: - to save water by turning off the tap while I brush my teeth and wash my hands. Only using water when required. - donate old clothes and toys to charity. - plant trees, recycle paper and cardboards to stop deforestation with current global warming as the largest iceberg is already missing. - do not litter rubbish everywhere. I throw rubbish in the correct bins. Go green and make our Earth a beautiful place to live as the Earth is our home.

Chyn Shyang Chong

Chyn Shyang Chong (9-11)

Composting - My grandma always composts food waste to become natural fertilizer and our plants are fruitful and so fertile...I am so happy...YAHOOO!

Chen Na Chong

Chen Na Chong (6-8)

I love cats, they are so cute. I like to play with them and to protect them. I feed the stray cat at our back lane. I wish to adopt a cat, but my daddy won’t allow it. Daddy said wait until I can clean my own poo poo first...

Nathaniel Fisher

Nathaniel Fisher (6-8)

I cleaned my town, Lansdale, to protect the environment. People make lots of trash everywhere, so I was glad to help! If we all clean up, it will be a fair environment for humans and animals.

Daniella Van Zyl

Daniella Van Zyl (9-11)

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the farmers who grow fruit and vegetables. Thank you farmers for pushing through the hard times and making it possible. Without you we would have a hard time eating natural foods. Thank you once again.

Navya Choudhury (12-14)

Jaivardhan Kshirsagar (3-5)

Charis Chew

Charis Chew (6-8)

It is sad to see animals in the sea suffering and dying because they ate plastic that ended up in the seas from people. I don't throw plastic anywhere or into the seas. I throw rubbish into different bins and mommy will bring papers, plastics, tins and cans to the recycling centre. I like to use the metal straw that mommy brings when we eat outside.

Noel Wong

Noel Wong (3-5)

I try to reduce single-use plastic in my effort to protect our world. I carry along a pouch containing metal straws and we bring our own water bottles wherever we go. This is me hanging out with my friend with my cool metal straw!

Rui Herng Hou

Rui Herng Hou (3-5)

My parents make it a family tradition to have earth hours every day because it's important to save energy and conserve natural resources. I love earth hours because I get to bond with my parents without many distractions from their phones. Mommy makes me fun toys from reusable materials and that's another perfect way of saying 'I care for you' to Mother Earth.

Jocilyn Rubio (9-11)

Vera Hansen

Vera Hansen (6-8)

My mom says reducing garbage helps. I agree because she also said growing our own food, like growing a garden, helps the environment. We have a garden and my brother Pax was instructed by our mom to pull out the plants (minus the blueberry plant). I think we will grow a new garden. We have a blueberry plant. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and cherry tomatoes. My mom said growing our own food helps because we don’t have to buy food from the store and we have to throw more garbage away because it usually is packaged. My mom says it wastes gas and it puts exhaust fumes into the air by having to drive the store.


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