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March Submissions

Say “thanks” to the people who provide your favorite foods

Wilbur-Ellis is thanking the people in agriculture and food production who provide the foods we all enjoy, as part of National Ag Day and Week in March.

Please join us in thanking the people who grow or prepare food for all of us by posting a message to them. For example, you can thank them for the work they do … tell us why you think growing and producing food are important … or tell us about an experience you’ve had with growing or preparing food.

We welcome written or video messages. Food and agriculture photos are much appreciated OR kids can provide an original drawing or color one of the pictures in our coloring book. You can download coloring book pictures below. When you’re done with your artwork, just take a picture and submit it through the kids submission form.

Kye Yue Low (6-8)

Isabelle Soh

Isabelle Soh (9-11)

Dear mommy, Thank you for providing wonderful homemade meals for the family. I know that you need to work and cook. I know that sometimes they can take a while to make. Please know that I appreciate them as they provide energy and taste great! I love each meal by you! Your beloved daughter, Belle

Wei Le Kok

Wei Le Kok (12-14)

No foods no growth, no energy and no fun day for me. Really thank you for being a farmer to provide foods to our community. I enjoy eating my favorite foods grown by you without wasting the foods & it tastes so fresh too. At the same time, I also want to thank my grandparents & parents who cook delicious meals every day to keep me growing healthy & happily.

Sophie & Sienna Marrugo

Sophie & Sienna Marrugo (6-8)

Sophie and Sienna made a diorama of a farm, adding their favorite farm animals and pictures of their favorite foods! "Farms are good for our environment and good for us to have food to eat. I would ask at the farm about the animals and how they grow the food and tell them thank you. I grew vegetables inside (using a root-view kids kit), but they died. My favorite foods are carrots, strawberries, apples, and bananas. I love black beans and corn! I really like strawberries with whipped cream!! My favorite animals are pigs, horses, foals, baby pigs, ducks and that's it." -- Sophie Marrugo, age 6 "I really like the cat on the farm and eating pancakes. I don't like corn." -- Sienna Marrugo, age 4

E-Shen Joey Cheong

E-Shen Joey Cheong (9-11)

I would like to thank all the food producers for producing food for us. I think growing food is important so that the world does not starve and we can get nutrition from the foods. I always help my parents prepare and cook the food. I help my parents to wash and cut the vegetables. I also help to cook some simple dishes such as fried eggs and vegetables. Every Saturday, my parents will go to the morning market and buy food to support farmers. We do not waste the food, we always finish it.

Evy Jungwirth

Evy Jungwirth (3-5)

This picture is of me making mashed potatoes and the other person is my mommy making hot soup. Thank you to: chefs, bakers, mommies and daddies (and myself!) for making food because it so yummy. My favorite food is spaghetti because it's yummy and I like it.

George Jungwirth

George Jungwirth (3-5)

This is a picture of my mommy holding cake and pizza because we love to eat cake and pizza, but we only get to eat it on pizza movie night. Thank you to mommy, daddy, and my grandparents (especially grandpa because he is a farmer) for making food.

Joshua (Jr) Hansen

Joshua (Jr) Hansen (6-8)

Thank you to people who grow onions because I love it. And thank you to people who grow watermelons because it's really cool making watermelon. Thank you to people who grow carrots because I LOVE carrots and I want to pick carrots up and eat them. I want to cook them and make chicken noodle soup. I also feed carrots to our bunnies. Growing food is important. I'm coloring a picture of fish and people catching them. I love fishing and it's special that people catch meat to sell in the store.

Vera Hansen

Vera Hansen (6-8)

Thanks to the people who make our food and catch it. I like tri-tip and that is what we are having tonight with my cousin Micah and his mom. I don’t know what animal it comes from though. Thank you to the people that hunt whatever animal it is. (And thank you for the 200 dollars.)

Valor Hansen

Valor Hansen (3-5)

I love you, everyone. And thank you for getting us some grocery. I love to have some. By the way, I was hoping I was doing the Wilbur-Ellis question from here so I could help and give you a thank you note. We should spend time together and have a great day. So, keep doing your jobs and earning money! Soon you could buy a kindle and groceries! I like how you have been growing stuff, so I really wanted to show this message to you. This is the only one that I could help you with and I'm about to end this sentence and I'm going to say buh-bye and spell my name. And also, sometimes I think you could play at our house with me. And I really wanted you to have this message. Thank you for growing food and groceries!! Buh-Bye So, fishing people, I love you and I hope you can keep doing your job so sell a lot of fish. Keep selling fish! Goodbye! Valor4

Sydney Day

Sydney Day (12-14)

I created a coloring page to thank all of the Women and girls involved in agriculture.

Ethan Day

Ethan Day (9-11)

Thank you to all the hard working people who spend their time so my family can have food on our table.

Jaivardhan Kshirsagar

Jaivardhan Kshirsagar (3-5)

This is an art by Mst. Jaivardhan Kshirsagar specifying his understanding of how his favourite root vegetable - carrot is grown in farm.

Kok King Teo

Kok King Teo (6-8)

My grandfather is a farmer. When we visit grandfather's farm, I always step in and help. Experience the sweat and work under the sun makes me more appreciative of what we have. Thanks to my grandfather for planting a lot of organic fruit. We have mulberry, papaya, durian, guava, banana, grape and a mango tree at the farm. Among all of this, mulberry is my favorite fruit. I love mulberry so much!

Eve Hansen

Eve Hansen (15-17)

I’m very grateful for people who run orchards and grow fruit. I love to eat apples and cherries which are both grown locally in the Tri-Cities where I live. My dad sometimes does professional photography and takes beautiful pictures of huge orchards of cherry or apple trees, as well as vineyards and other fields that are grown around here. In the fall, my family almost always visits one of the local farms where we get to pick our own fruit, and even make apple cider. Biting into fresh cherries is one of my favorite things, and I’m very grateful for the people who grow them.

Jay Hansen

Jay Hansen (12-14)

I want to thank the farmers in our country because most people don’t really appreciate just how much work they put into it and just how much food we get from farms. When people think about farm food they usually think about things like carrots and potatoes and sometimes tomatoes. But the truth is, most of the food that you eat came from a farm. For example, a burger, you probably think that the tomato slices and onion rings are the only things that came from a farm. Actually, everything on your burger and in your burger, came from a farm. The beef for the patty came from a farm, the wheat for the bun came from a farm, the lettuce came from a farm, cheese comes from dairy farms. The mayonnaise also comes from farms because the eggs and the vegetable oil used to make mayonnaise comes from farms. Even some of what’s in the ketchup comes from farms - tomatoes! Last, but certainly not least, all of your mustard is made from mustard seeds, which farms grow! If farmers didn’t do what they do, I wouldn’t be able to eat a delicious burger. So, I thank all of them for all their hard work and dedication. - Jay Hansen (Picture is someone preparing a meal using hamburger)

Pax Hansen

Pax Hansen (9-11)

Dear people that grow food, My family is in a class where we’re learning about growing food. We have some onions and strawberries growing, and a couple of beans too. I also have a little Venus fly trap I’m growing, but that’s not actually food you can eat. I know that keeping my plants alive is a very difficult job. But you do it perfectly using hard work! I am grateful for your determination. Thanks to you I have apples to eat, and broccoli to love. I really like broccoli, and I go pick around in the fridge for some leftovers. As you know, food is very important. So, thank you for providing it for me. -Pax Hansen (picture is original art by Pax that says "thank you" to growers)

Charis Chew

Charis Chew (6-8)

Thank you scientist for making bigger and no seeds fruit, so that I can eat watermelon without seeds. I can enjoy watermelon without having to take out the seeds.

Shamaine Tea

Shamaine Tea (12-14)

I would like to thank the food scientists and people who have worked hard to research and develop new ways to grow crops productively, create healthier and more nutritious food, while making them affordable for all to enjoy. I think it is important to continue to innovate in food production as the world population keeps growing and land becomes scarce.

Kenneth Tea

Kenneth Tea (6-8)

Farmers, thank you for taking good care of your vegetables and fruits. Because you have worked hard at the farm, I get to enjoy yummy papayas, mangoes, apples and oranges. But, I have to eat my broccolis too. You can plant less of that next time.

Hang Kai Soo (3-5)

Hang Shuen Soo (3-5)

Abigayl Van Zyl

Abigayl Van Zyl (12-14)

I want to say a special thank you to all the Australian farmers since they’ve been working really hard to provide us with food. I can’t imagine how much time and effort they must put into supplying everyone with fresh food. Without any of their time and commitment I wouldn’t be able to eat anything that I love. The farmers have been working very hard through the droughts, bush fires and COVID-19. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all of them for their unending sacrifices. Every year I go strawberry picking with my family but last year because of Covid I wasn’t able to. But the farmers kept on going, they kept on supplying fruits, vegetables and meats to the local supermarkets throughout the whole of Australia. Thank you Farmers!


As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, we launched the Giving Program to help people in need worldwide. In total, the Giving Program raised $52,000 USD for the Red Cross, building on the company’s $100,000 donation in 2020.

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