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April Submissions

April 22 is Earth Day – an annual observance that highlights the importance of protecting the environment. For over 50 years, millions of people around the world have celebrated Earth Day.

This year, in honor of Earth Day, the April “Giving Program” question for kids and adults asks:

What can individuals do – and what are you doing – to help protect the environment?

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2021

Cheang Michelle

Cheang Michelle, Malaysia (Connell)

Let's join hands together to make our earth a beautiful place. 3 golden words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. a) Save energy by turning off lights, other appliances when not in use, use energy saving bulbs. b) Conserve water by taking short showers, turning off faucets when not in use, collecting and using rainwater for watering plants. c) Reduce waste by composting food scraps, bringing your own reusable shopping bag, recycling papers, plastics, cans. d) Turn off lights when not using them. e) Plant a tree.

Win Ching Chong

Win Ching Chong, Malaysia (Connell)

Our state government and local councils have implemented a "No Plastic Bag" policy and encourages us to bring our own bags, boxes for groceries or pack food. I have been collecting the courier bag from my office for my waste at home. Every day we have documents from suppliers and customers, and we should recycle or reuse these instead of throwing it away. Recycling helps save our Earth.

Cemal Blue, United States

I am eating vegetarian, driving an electric vehicle and making donations to various environmental charities.

Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, United States

Ask yourself each day...is what I do befitting of one that generously repays a parent with all the proper respect, dignity, and love as the life-giving Earth affords us all?

Cheah Ching Yee

Cheah Ching Yee, Malaysia (Connell)

22 APR 2021 Earth Day - A small action to save our environment How can I help? 1. CONSERVE WATER: Take a quick shower. Do not keep water running when washing the dishes. 2. Engage with NGO: Gain latest environment knowledge, apply zero waste lifestyle cause pollution to planet. STOP plastic straw usage, support community volunteer work. 3. Raise Green environment sustainability awareness education at office consistently sharing the environmental knowledge via main notice board, other digital platforms like push message and L&L virtual class to all employees.

Cengiz Sengul, United States

Started a fully organic garlic farm.

Gill Costa Costa

Gill Costa Costa, United States

Plant trees every day because every day is Earth Day!

Saundra Holloway

Saundra Holloway, United States

On Earth Day and every day, I grow Milkweed to help Monarch caterpillars become butterflies.

Gary Dempsay, United States (Nutrition)

Here are some of the things I do to protect our greatest resource; Mother Earth. Recycle all of the batteries, print toners, light bulbs, cardboard, plastic, glass, and pieces of metal that is gathered through the day. Needless to say our trash bins for landfill use is pretty empty.

Dori Dumont

Dori Dumont, United States (Nutrition)

I contributed by switching from purchasing plastic water bottles to using a Water Filtrations System. What individuals can do: It's outdoor birthday and party time-of-year for kids and adults. Making sure those helium balloons don't get loose, will help prevent waste to the earth and endangerment to wildlife.

David Vincent

David Vincent, United States

We are helping American businesses to implement renewable energy systems to reduce the need for fossil fuels. Www.acipenergy.com

Adrielle Yeow

Adrielle Yeow, Malaysia (Connell)

I was in Germany in 2006 for my previous employment event. The society is so environmentally educated and minded that they know if they don't separate their waste (rubbish), the rubbish collector won't collect the waste. So, every house has different colour bins for different types of waste. I am impressed by that. I wish Malaysia will come to that kind of level of environment awareness and lifestyle and it has to start as an individual. Fast forward to now, I have started to sort my waste so that recyclable items won't end up in landfills. I educate my child so that she learns from a young age and I hope I instill in her this good habit even when close ones disapprove by saying how does doing this matter much when other people throw their rubbish without sorting them? I told myself, I don't care what other people do. I care what I do and I want my child to learn to care for the environment. I also hope by my perseverance, my close ones will learn too. I do my part by bringing my own shopping bags, food containers, metal straws and reusable plastic bags when buying fresh groceries as much as possible. I will try to choose products that are in paper packaging rather than in plastic. I joined a Facebook group that promotes reuse and upcycle, and I will giveaway things to people who are able to use things that I don't use anymore but others do. It is amazing some are so talented they can turn junk into a beautiful, useful furniture or decorations.

Rebecca Sutton, United States

I have stopped using my electric dryer, shower every other day, compost and recycle. I shop from locally raised food and will grow some of my own this year.

Suzanna Jasmin

Suzanna Jasmin, Singapore (Connell)

1. Use Reusable Bags Plastic grocery-type bags that get thrown out, end up in landfills or in other parts of the environment. These can suffocate animals who get stuck in them or may mistake them for food. Also, it takes a while for the bags to decompose.

Jeff Hershberger

Jeff Hershberger, United States (Agribusiness)

Grow a garden in my back yard.

Helen Leung, United States (Corporate)

I don't try to change the world, but I'll try to change my ways. My focus is reducing plastic: - Instead of liquid soap, I went back to bar soaps - Instead of shampoo from bottles and tubes, I use shampoo bars (Trader Joes, Lush, Walmart) - I forego the lids and straws when getting to-go coffee and other drinks - I forego the single use utensils when ordering to-go meals - I forego condiments if I already have them at home (ketchup, soy, etc) - I make it my mission to reuse the plastic containers at least 3 times - I use plastic lids from food containers to cover all leftover foods in my fridge (eliminating plastic wrap)

Trista Mills, United States (Nutrition)

We wanted to help reduce food waste sent to the landfills. So this past year we added a worm box to our garden. Those little munchers not only eat up our food processed food scraps, but also love our carbon based foods like yard debris and cardboard box pieces. By supplying them with food, we are throwing away less and get great worm casting to add to our garden. It's a win-win!


As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, we launched the Giving Program to help people in need worldwide. In total, the Giving Program raised $52,000 USD for the Red Cross, building on the company’s $100,000 donation in 2020.

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