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How the Giving Program Works

1. Monthly Question: Every month, we'll ask a question about how you — or we — can help the world to thrive. 2: Submit: Send a video, or a photo along with a written description, of your idea. We've included a form to make it easy. 3. Donation: When we hear from you, Wilbur-Ellis will make a donation to the Red Cross. 4. Win: Your submission is eligible for a monthly prize in your age category of $200 USD award.

September's Question

Studying hard in school is important. It helps you get a job you’ll love to do!

So, the question is: What do you want to be when you grow up? Tell us about the job you’d love to have and why. Also, what subjects do you need to study in school to get the job of your dreams? 

Bonus points for telling us your favorite subjects in school… and the subjects you don’t enjoy so much.

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020

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Tip for answering

When it comes to favorite subjects, there are a lot to choose from: English, history, art, math, science, music, social studies, foreign languages, physical education … to name a few.

And what jobs do these subjects prepare us for?  Again, there are lots of possibilities: veterinarian, pilot, doctor, nurse, lawyer, farmer, rancher, teacher, coach, homemaker, salesperson, astronaut, scientist, engineer, accountant, artist, writer, journalist … and many more.

We hope the September question for kids helps them explore what they want to be … and how they can make their dreams come true!

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