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How the Giving Program Works

1. Monthly Question: Every month, we'll ask a question about how you — or we — can help the world to thrive. 2: Submit: Send a video, or a photo along with a written description, of your idea. We've included a form to make it easy. 3. Donation: When we hear from you, Wilbur-Ellis will make a donation to the Red Cross. 4. Win: Your submission is eligible for a monthly prize in your age category of $200 USD award.

May Question

To help make sure everyone has enough to eat and good food doesn’t go to waste …

What do you – or your family – do to avoid wasting food?

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021

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Tips for answering

Whatever you do, tell us about it. Along with your responses, photos and artwork are much appreciated. For each response from adults and kids, Wilbur-Ellis will donate to the Red Cross, and kids who submit outstanding responses could receive $200 USD awards or $50 honorable mentions.