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How the Giving Program Works

1. Monthly Question: Every month, we'll ask a question about how you — or we — can help the world to thrive. 2: Submit: Send a video, or a photo along with a written description, of your idea. We've included a form to make it easy. 3. Donation: When we hear from you, Wilbur-Ellis will make a donation to the Red Cross. 4. Win: Your submission is eligible for a monthly prize in your age category of $200 USD award.

August's Question

At Wilbur-Ellis, we help customers grow food and produce products for people, pets and livestock. This includes fruits, vegetables, flowers and grains of all kinds. With this in mind:

What are your favorite fruits and vegetables, and what are some of the different ways you like to eat them? Bonus points for also telling us the ones you don’t like.

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2020

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Tip for answering

Tell us why certain fruits and vegetables are your favorites. Are apples the best? … And do you eat them whole or cut them into pieces (and have you ever tried peanut butter on apple slices? … they’re gooood).

How about veggies? Does cheese on top make veggies better … or maybe a little butter? Hint – there’s no wrong answer … fruits and veggies are good for you and tasty, too!

But we understand … some fruits and veggies aren’t so popular. So, bonus points for telling us the ones you don’t like … (we’re betting broccoli makes the list).

Send us a video or photo

Remember to send us a photo or video to accompany your submission.

Instruction video

Visit the Giving Program overview page to watch a video that walks you through the submission process.

Contest rules

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