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How the Giving Program Works

1. Monthly Question: Every month, we'll ask a question about how you — or we — can help the world to thrive. 2: Submit: Send a video, or a photo along with a written description, of your idea. We've included a form to make it easy. 3. Donation: When we hear from you, Wilbur-Ellis will make a donation to the Red Cross. 4. Win: Your submission is eligible for a monthly prize in your age category of $200 USD award.

February Question

Valentine’s Day, on February 14, is a day when we tell the people we love that we love them!

We’re inviting kids to share fun, creative ideas for making Valentine’s Day special or saying “I love you” … or just give a shout-out to your Valentine for all the things they do that make them special!

And if Valentine’s Day has another name or is different in your country, we’d love to hear how it’s celebrated there.

For each response the company will make a donation to the Red Cross.   

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2021

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Send us a video or photo

Remember to send us a photo or video to accompany your submission.

Instruction video

Visit the Giving Program overview page to watch a video that walks you through the submission process.

Contest rules

Read the Kids’ Giving Project contest rules.

Tips for Answering

What do you think would be a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day … or a cool way to say “I love you”?

  • How about decorating valentines to give to your friends …
  • digging into a huge box of chocolates with your favorite person …
  • baking heart-shaped cookies …
  • flashing “I love you” on a jumbotron at a sports arena …
  • having an airplane sky-writer pen a special message …
  • or maybe just telling the people you love “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Whatever your idea – tell us about it, and help out the Red Cross.