Mike Wilbur

CEO and President of Cavallo Ventures
Wilbur-Ellis Board

Mike Wilbur serves as the president and CEO of Cavallo Ventures, Inc., the venture capital arm of Wilbur-Ellis. Prior to his current role, Wilbur oversaw Cavallo Ventures as corporate vice president of business development. During that time, he and his team at Cavallo Ventures finalized the asset acquisition of Ag Consulting Group, the acquisition of a majority of AgCode and strategic investments in dozens of emerging companies and technologies that support Wilbur-Ellis’ business divisions, including but not limited to Sound Agriculture, Boost Biomes, Beta Hatch, Taranis, Crop Enhancement, SomaDetect, FarmWise, fieldin, Sabanto and Agrospheres. Each one of these companies is founded by pioneering entrepreneurs building successful businesses without taking shortcuts.

In his over twenty years of services with the Company, Wilbur has held numerous positions, working in each business division and in corporate roles. Starting in 1997, as a forage sales rep in the Nutrition division, he worked his way through sales. Later, he served as Thailand country general manager for Connell, the Company’s specialty chemical business in Asia Pacific, as well as national seed director positions with Wilbur-Ellis’ Agribusiness division. Wilbur assumed the role of vice president of data services and field technology, where he was responsible for the successful development of the Company’s AgVerdict agronomy tool. In October 2019, Mike also joined the Wilbur-Ellis board of directors.

Wilbur is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in economics. He and his wife, Patrice, and their three sons reside in Hillsborough, California. When he’s not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and cheering on his sons in their various athletic adventures.

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