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Mike Wilbur

CEO and President of Cavallo Ventures

In this video, CEO and President of Cavallo Ventures Mike Wilbur talks about how the 1950s were a time of expansion and transformation for the company. Behind founder Brayton Wilbur’s handshake, integrity and accountability, the company grew across the U.S. and into Asia.

Additional Videos

John P. Thacher.


In Lessons from a Decade, Chairman John Thacher discusses what the 1920s can teach us about current-day challenges and opportunities.


Michael J. Hunter


Michael J. Hunter talks about how Wilbur-Ellis managed through the Great Depression in the 1930s, finding opportunity amid the hardship.

Anne Cleary.

Vice President, Human Resources, Anne Cleary – The 1940s

What the 1940s can teach us about the importance of shared purpose and values.

Dan Willey.

Chief Information Officer, Dan Wiley – The 1960s

Chief Information Officer Dan Willey talks about how the 1960s was a time of great political and social change globally. He also shares how Wilbur-Ellis went through transitions, including a major leadership change during the decade.

Amie Thesingh.

Vice President, Corporate Business Development, Amie Thesingh – The 1970s

Vice President, Corporate Business Development Amie Thesingh talks about how the 1970s saw an interesting mix of changes happening in the world and at Wilbur-Ellis. She also shares how corporate social responsibility drives business decisions every day.

Andrew Loder.

Nutrition President, Andrew Loder – The 1980s

Nutrition President Andrew Loder talks about how the 1980s were a time of significant global political change and business transformation. He also shares the important role growth through acquisitions has had and continues to have on Wilbur-Ellis’ success.