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Since 1921, we’ve built all of our relationships on trust, respect and a genuine interest in everyone’s well-being. We call these core values our IDEAS.

Collage of people participating in the walk for WEllness.
Why We’re Walking — Walk for WEllness
November 16, 2022

Earlier this year we introduced Walk for WEllness, a Steps Challenge for employees to track their daily movement and engage in a little friendly competition for fun prizes. Many of the more than 750 participants to date are sharing the physical and mental health benefits they’ve been noticing since joining the challenge – like better […]

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The Innovation Award Winners Announced! Students Proposed New Ways to Feed a Growing Population
August 8, 2022

Last year, Wilbur-Ellis launched the first-ever Innovation Award, a competition for U.S. college students, which helped mark the company’s 100th anniversary. The Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Award invited students to propose ideas to feed a growing world population — offering a $25,000 grand prize for the best idea, as well as $5,000 honorable mention awards. Over 30 […]

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June 3, 2022

In celebration of  World Environment Day, here’s a small snapshot of some recent steps we’ve taken to protect the environment.  To help address climate change, we are collaborating with Ford Pro to integrate 10 electric Ford F-150® Lightning™ trucks into our fleet in Sonoma and the Salinas Valley of California.  “We’re very excited about being […]

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May 6, 2021

This past March, we asked members of the Wilbur-Ellis community to give a shout-out to those who make it possible to put food on our tables every day – the people who work in agriculture and food production. We captured their stories, pictures and videos on this message board, but you can see some excerpts […]

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Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
100 Years and Giving: Judith Wilbur Recognized for Support of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
November 22, 2020

As the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, one of the themes is “100 years and giving.” Wilbur-Ellis has a tradition of giving to worthwhile causes. And like Wilbur-Ellis,  the Wilbur family has long supported worthy causes. For decades, the Wilburs have been patrons of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Recently, San Francisco Mayor […]

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