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Since 1921, we’ve built all of our relationships on trust, respect and a genuine interest in everyone’s well-being. We call these core values our IDEAS.

May 6, 2021

This past March, we asked members of the Wilbur-Ellis community to give a shout-out to those who make it possible to put food on our tables every day – the people who work in agriculture and food production. We captured their stories, pictures and videos on this message board, but you can see some excerpts… View Article

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Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
100 Years and Giving: Judith Wilbur Recognized for Support of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
November 22, 2020

As the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, one of the themes is “100 years and giving.” Wilbur-Ellis has a tradition of giving to worthwhile causes. And like Wilbur-Ellis,  the Wilbur family has long supported worthy causes. For decades, the Wilburs have been patrons of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Recently, San Francisco Mayor… View Article

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A Sustainable Partnership: Cavallo Ventures, Connell and Checkerspot
October 29, 2020

Since Wilbur-Ellis’ venture capital arm Cavallo Ventures was established four years ago, it has invested in some 20 businesses. But as President and CEO Mike Wilbur pointed out during a recent WEpod discussion with Connell President and CEO Azita Owlia, their latest investment in California-based Checkerspot may have brought a first: the opportunity to co-create… View Article

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Becki Muhlbeier, Lonny Tate, Sheila Travis, Greg Engel, Cecelia “Cel” Bonwell, Terry Simpson.
Cornerstone of Our Success: The Strength and Commitment of Our People
August 27, 2020

As we approach our 100th year of business, we know the strength and commitment of our employees are some of the biggest reasons we will reach this milestone. Over the years, we have been blessed to see many people come to Wilbur-Ellis and build careers that last decades. Year in and year out, these employees… View Article

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Gerardo Quintero.
A Passion for Farmers, International Expertise and a Commitment to Values: Meet Gerardo Quintero
July 20, 2020

Gerardo credits his childhood experiences of working on farms while he was growing up in Colombia with inspiring him to pursue a career in agriculture and animal nutrition. Following a career that led him across the globe, he now brings his international expertise to his role as vice president at Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition. “When I was… View Article

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