How Wilbur-Ellis is Taking Steps to Protect the Environment

Sunday, June 5, is World Environment Day, a day dedicated to encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. Since 1973, the United Nations Environment Programme has provided this global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Above is Wilbur-Ellis President and CEO John Buckley with one of the electric trucks the company is integrating into its fleet in California – one of the ways Wilbur-Ellis is supporting its commitment to Environmental Stewardship.


In celebration of  World Environment Day, here’s a small snapshot of some recent steps we’ve taken to protect the environment. 

To help address climate change, we are collaborating with Ford Pro to integrate 10 electric Ford F-150® Lightning™ trucks into our fleet in Sonoma and the Salinas Valley of California. 

“We’re very excited about being among the first to use the new Ford F-150® Lightning™ trucks in a commercial, agricultural setting,” said Wilbur-Ellis President and CEO John Buckley. “This collaboration is a win for everyone. Ford Pro will see its new electric trucks in action. Wilbur-Ellis will begin the transition to electric vehicles in our fleet, which includes 2,800 on-road vehicles worldwide. And our customers will benefit from the information we gather about the impact these vehicles could have in their operations.”

This collaboration with Ford Pro is in alignment with our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.  

“These goals demonstrate a commitment to make our own operations more sustainable, while also developing solutions that could benefit our customers,” said Buckley. “Our goals also reflect the company’s support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are making a global impact.”

We also want to get the next generation of leaders involved, so we launched the Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Award as part of the company’s 100th-anniversary celebration last year. We’ll announce the winner of the award in the summer of 2022, recognizing the teams of U.S. college students who propose the most innovative ways to sustainably feed a growing world population. 

To learn more about Wilbur-Ellis’ Corporate Social Responsibility program, please visit our CSR website