The Next Generation: Using Strengths to Build the Future

People Presenting.

At Wilbur-Ellis, we know our business succeeds when our people succeed. As we look ahead to the future of our company, we recognize the growth of our business starts with an investment in the growth of our people. That’s why we’re putting even greater emphasis on fostering employee learning and development at Wilbur-Ellis.

Through our Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives, Wilbur-Ellis provides resources, tools and programs to cultivate talent at all levels. With an eye toward helping our employees and company grow together, this year we’ve focused on enhancing programs to help employees navigate industry challenges and plan for the future. 

For example: We want to optimize the skill sets that our employees already have, so we can build strong teams around people’s strengths. This fall we’ll relaunch NEXTgen, one of our most impactful training programs offering younger employees the opportunity to accelerate their professional growth and development. 

Developing the strengths of the younger generation will remain a key aspect of the program. However, the revamped NEXTgen program will be more focused and dynamic. Program members will gain exposure to all areas of the business, interact with Wilbur-Ellis’ executive leadership and other industry leaders, while networking with colleagues across divisions. 

Hearing feedback from past participants helped us shape the program’s future which solidifies that we’re creating the right opportunities for our younger employees to grow. One employee said, “I appreciate the opportunity to communicate one-on-one with people like the Executive Leadership Team. A company that presents these opportunities is immeasurable and I believe this speaks volumes about Wilbur-Ellis.” Another commented, “Every year, NEXTgen kind of brings me back in and makes me realize why I started working for the Company and why I like my job.” 

To us, investing in young talent means investing in Wilbur-Ellis’ future. The scope of the activities and exciting opportunities for development that we offer is a reflection of our commitment to helping our company and customers thrive by helping our employees thrive. When we’re engaging and supporting each other from a learning and development perspective, we can continue listening to what is going on in the business to better serve our customers.