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When You Enjoy a Cold Beer, You’re Helping the Environment, Too!



The big game is on TV and you crack open a cold one. You may not know it, but as you’re enjoying that cold beer, thanks to Wilbur-Ellis, you’re also helping the environment.

Breweries across the nation regularly face two major problems: co-products from the brewing process and little to no space to store them. This is where Wilbur-Ellis comes in. We take two products left over from brewing — spent brewers’ grain and spent brewers’ yeast — and ship it to local dairy and beef cattle farms. These local farmers can then incorporate the grain and yeast into their cattle feed. We call it our “Brew-to-Moo” program.

If Wilbur-Ellis didn’t purchase and transport these co-products to local dairy and beef cattle farms, they would be treated as waste – dumped in a landfill or composted. Our use for the spent grain and spent yeast benefits: the breweries, who gain a new revenue stream and improve their sustainability; farmers, who receive economical, nutritious, safe and wholesome feed for their cattle; and, last but not least, the animals love it!

The Brew-to-Moo program started more than 10 years ago in Southern California and over the years we have partnered with many well-known breweries including some of the largest brewery campuses in the world. We are lucky to work with such well-established brands, as well as the new and up-and-coming brands.

Cows and Their Craft

It’s no secret that the beer business is changing. Younger generations of beer drinkers want a different kind of beer experience than their grandparents, and even their parents. Along with old favorites, they want the new and exotic flavors of craft beer.

We have recognized this shift and have evolved with the industry by expanding the Brew-to-Moo program to craft breweries. Drawing on the experience that serves our larger brewing partners, we have been able to provide the same service, regulatory expertise, investment and trust to our smaller brewing partners.

Co-moo-nity Benefits

A great benefit of our Brew-to-Moo program is seeing the positive impact it has on so many lives. Breweries are able to reduce their waste and environmental impact all while earning extra revenue to continue doing what they love. Our freight partners have consistent, year-round work. The local, family dairy and beef farmers keep their cows happy, healthy and productive. And milk and beef from these happy cows feed consumers all over the U.S.

Brew-to-Moo is a win-win for everybody!


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