Welcome to the IDEAS Blog

Integrity. Diversity. Effort. Accountability. Service.

I believe Wilbur-Ellis’ core values, or IDEAS (Integrity, Diversity, Effort, Accountability and Service), have not only been engrained in our culture and how we do business from the beginning, but will continue to withstand the test of time as well. Our core values are not just solid business principles, they constitute the heart of being a trustworthy global citizen as well. Our core values embody the standard of ethics set forth nearly a century ago by our founder, Brayton Wilbur Sr., who believed business success was not solely measured by profit, but also by the strength of our personal character and relationships.

Here, in the new IDEAS Blog, we will explore the ways our core values will continue to shape the way we do business for the next 100 years. We welcome the latest thoughts and ideas from employees throughout Wilbur-Ellis who demonstrate our core values in action every day. We will discuss innovations both inside and outside Wilbur-Ellis that inspire us to work at the top of our intelligence. We will highlight the latest industry developments that are rapidly evolving the way we do business—never forgetting the “IDEAS” essential to our continued success.

I have often said the real foundation of Wilbur-Ellis lies not in our products, reach or real estate. Our foundation lies in the skills, creativity, dedication and integrity of our employees over nearly a century in business. Instead of brick by brick, think person by person.

The IDEAS Blog is a place where the latest thinking and the values that guide our relationships come together. I’m pleased to be the first to welcome you to the blog as we carry our values into the next century of business together.