A Passion for Service and Commitment to Helping Others: Meet Pedro Curry, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition’s First Chief Operations Officer

One of Pedro Curry’s earliest career aspirations was to follow in his father and mentor’s footsteps as an agronomist. His 25-year-long international career ultimately led him to become Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition’s first Chief Operating Officer. Pedro credits his journey to his life-long closeness to nature and farm animals, growing up in a small, rural, coffee farming community in Honduras.

“It’s an honor to be the first Chief Operating Officer of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition,” commented Pedro. “We have great leadership, great people and so many opportunities. I want to help create an environment of mutual accountability, so we can achieve together and feel proud of our achievements. I sincerely look forward to advancing our operations to the next level.”

Pedro sums up how he will support this continued advancement with four fundamental principles:

  1. Ethics and morals create the foundation for worth.
  2. EveryONE deserves respect.
  3. Achievement happens through hard work.
  4. Serving others deserves special attention.

Since joining the team in September 2019, Pedro has already been hard at work to set goals for the future. With the roll-out of our shift to the customer-centric operating model, he aims to support advancements that keep everyone safe, ensure customers’ needs are met effectively and efficiently, determine operational best practices and elevate the operation levels. 

Looking at all the opportunities ahead, Pedro is thrilled to see how well his values align with our company’s values and purpose. “My motto is, ‘ready to serve,’ as I think helping others not only helps yourself, but more importantly, helps the world to be a better place.”

We wholeheartedly agree.  

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