Introducing Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition (Formerly Wilbur-Ellis Feed)

Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition.

A Fresh Take on Our Long-held Values and Vision

Since our start in 1921, while feed has always been part of our core business, we have always been so much more than feed.

We know what truly sets us apart for customers and partners goes beyond that. It is the solutions we work on with them hand-in-hand. It is the creative thinking we offer and the new doors we open. It’s the dependability of our service and the quality of our products. It’s the traceability of our sourcing and the documentation we do to keep our customers focused on their business – not busy work. It’s our ability to get them what they need at the quality they require when and where they need it from around the world.

It’s our commitment to always improving for the good of our partners and customers – connecting the dots between the two sides of the equation for the benefit of both.

Last year, we continued this journey by acquiring the assets of Ameri-Pac Inc., a leading contract manufacturer of premium antioxidants, stabilizers and custom-made, private-label pet food premixes, adding those products to our robust catalogue of premium nutrients for animal health.

Today, we take another important step forward as we announce the official rebrand of Wilbur-Ellis Feed to Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition.

This new name – a change that is nearly a century in the making – reflects a much more accurate picture of who we are at the core. Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition is a group dedicated to continually helping our customers and partners find and put in place better solutions for ensuring animals receive customized, high-quality, dependable nutrients.

For livestock, this means getting into the nitty-gritty of complex cattle diets that support the growth of beef cattle and production for dairy cattle. It means finding new ways to help support the health of and labeling requirements for swine and poultry. It also means offering the world’s best forage options.

In terms of aquaculture, our commitment to nutrition means working together with organizations from around the world to ensure the dependability of our offerings to suppliers and producers.

For companion animals, we know we are doing more than simply helping feed a pet. We’re helping manage the health and wellbeing of a beloved family member. Working with us means having trusted sources and nutrients needed for the high-quality foods dogs, cats, horses and their owners love.

In addition to supporting animal wellbeing through better nutrition, our team is also dedicated to helping suppliers take important steps to eliminate food waste.


One great example is our Brew-to-Moo program. Working with breweries of all sizes over the past decade, we were able to find new life and use for all spent grain and yeast that are left over from the brewing process. Turns out, this is a great source of nutrition for cattle. Together, we were able to create a proven system that transforms these byproducts – which used to be destined for landfills at the cost of the brewery – into feed supplied directly to cattle farmers. This means a lot less food waste, and our brewery partners turn a profit on what used to be a cost. (Learn more about the program.)

Driven by our core values – integrity, diversity, effort, accountability and service – we come to work each day to put these values to work for our customers and suppliers. The new Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition brand highlights the tremendous value-add and long-term benefits we provide to business partners and customers.

Interested in what Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition has to offer? Learn more about the services we provide and solutions-based approaches we take on our new website: