Wilbur-Ellis employee Dan Wray to lead the Export Processors Council of National Hay Association 

SAN FRANCISCO — January 24, 2012 — Wilbur-Ellis Company employee Dan Wray, general manager of the North America forage operations, has been appointed president of the Export Processors Council (EPC), a division of the National Hay Association (NHA), which works to advance industry issues and guarantee the safe export of forage products.  Wray is also on the board of directors of the NHA. 

As president, Wray will work with the EPC to promote the NHA’s mission in foreign markets by collaborating with foreign agriculture governmental agencies and foreign trade associations to set policies and guidelines in hay exports. The EPC represents 80 percent of exporters of hay to Asia and addresses important safety concerns, including foot-mouth disease and chemicals export issues. 
“Wilbur-Ellis and the National Hay Association share a strong commitment to promoting safe export practices in the forage industry,” said Ron Salter, president of Wilbur-Ellis’ Feed Division. “With his extensive knowledge of the industry and leadership expertise, Dan is the right choice to guide the Council and represent members’ interests and points-of-view.” 
Wilbur-Ellis has been a part of the National Hay Association for eight years and is one of 30 companies represented on the Export Processors Council. 

“As a current board member of the NHA, Dan brings a great understanding of our organization and practices, as well as a proven record of success, to the role of EPC president,” said Ron Bradtmueller, president of the NHA. “We look forward to his leadership and to collaborating with him to implement important safety initiatives on behalf of EPC members.” 
The National Hay Association was formed in 1895 to represent members involved in the production, sale and transportation of forage products around the world. With more than 500 active members, the organization works to advance the hay industry by sharing knowledge and best practices across its members. 

About National Hay Association 
The National Hay Association was formed in the United States in 1895, with membership made up of producers, dealers, brokers and representatives of related industry dedicated to the development and maintenance of quality hay and improved marketing practices. With over 500 active members, the National Hay Association has become a vast network of members who together work to match the hay needs of the world. 

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