Wilbur-Ellis Company’s Nutrio® Product Line Receives New Product of The Year Award

AURORA, Colo., – January 20, 2017 – Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness, a recognized leader in precision agriculture technology and the distribution and marketing of plant protection, seed and nutritional products, received the prestigious 2016 Reader’s Choice New Product of the Year Award from AgPro magazine for the Company’s NUTRIO® microbial product line. NUTRIO is a new line of biochemistry products that aid in soil nutrition, aiming to improve plant health and yield potential.

For the past decade, AgPro readers have annually selected the top award winner from 10 of the newest, most innovative industry technologies as identified by AgPro editors. Contenders were selected from dozens of new products registered or introduced during 2016. To qualify, each product had to be available for stocking or pre-order sales for the 2016 season. In selecting the top 10, editors considered each product’s market potential, uniqueness, publicity and the industry excitement it generated. This is the first time Wilbur-Ellis’ Agribusiness has taken top honors in this competition.

“Focusing on microbials for soil health is still a fairly new frontier for the industry and Wilbur-Ellis recognized its vital importance in the agriculture ecosystem a long time ago,” said Wilbur-Ellis’ Vice President – Branded Products Mike Karasiewicz. “Plant health begins with soil health and Wilbur-Ellis heavily invested in biochemistry to build a soil-first foundation with our new line of eco-friendly products.”

NUTRIO Products include:
NUTRIO UNLOCK, a liquid biological soil amendment containing a diverse array of beneficial soil bacteria cultured from specifically selected pure strains of microbes in an oxygen-enriched process for maximum viability. To date, it averages 8.1 bushels per acre increase over untreated acres.

NUTRIO HIGH GEAR, an eco-friendly, liquid biological soil amendment containing seven species of beneficial soil bacteria and liquid humic acid to promote soil and plant health and improve nutrient uptake.

NUTRIO POWERSHIFT, a unique, liquid, high orthophosphate fertilizer containing seven species of beneficial soil bacteria to elevate yields, increase plant vigor and enhance resistance to stress.

NUTRIO BIOSOAK, a premium, liquid biological soil amendment containing humic acid and a soil wetting agent designed for application in irrigation water to maximize the leaching potential of treated soils prior to winter rains.


Wilbur-Ellis Company Contact:
Katherine Fordon
Corporate Communications Manager