Wilbur-Ellis Company NDURE™ Product Line Helps Protect Against Nitrogen Loss

DENVER – April 11, 2017 – Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness, a recognized leader in precision agriculture technology and the distribution and marketing of plant protection, seed and nutritional products, has launched NDURE™, a product line utilizing nitrogen stabilizer technology. 

The new NDURE stabilizer product is currently available in two formulations to meet the needs of specific grower operations. These formulations, NDURE 1.0 and NDURE 2.0, are designed to minimize the risk of nitrogen loss from volatilization when urea is applied to the soil, so that it remains available for your crop to utilize during the growing season instead of escaping into the atmosphere. 

“The NDURE product line is yet another tool Wilbur-Ellis has developed to provide value to our customers by protecting their investment in nitrogen fertilizer,” said Wilbur-Ellis National Technical Manager Dr. Greg Binford. NDure utilizes the only scientifically-proven technology for reducing nitrogen volatilization potential and is backed by decades of university research that demonstrates its value. This research has also demonstrated that nitrogen losses can be as much as 40 percent under the right conditions, which represents wasted dollars spent on fertilizer and decreased crop yields. NDure can provide the confidence that your nitrogen is protected from this loss and available for the crop so that yield potential can be maximized.” 

NDURE 1.0 stabilizer is a liquid formulation urease inhibitor that protects against ammonia volatilization and can be blended with urea or UAN.  

NDURE 2.0 is a patented liquid formulation with cold weather handling properties and quicker drying time when applied to urea. The formulation allows for reduced application rate, minimizing the potential for buildup, and allowing retailers to treat faster and store less product.  

For more information on supply of NDURE in your area, check with your local Wilbur-Ellis representative or visit ag.wilburellis.com/Locations. 



Wilbur-Ellis Company Contact:
Katherine Fordon
Corporate Communications Manager