Cypress’ flagship product, SelenoExcell®, and other nutritional ingredients, will be available through Connell Brothers’ 37 locations across Asia-Pacific  

SINGAPORE –July 3, 2013 – Health conscience consumers in Asia-Pacific will now have access to an innovative dietary supplement ingredient, SelenoExcell.  SelenoExcell is a high selenium yeast compound certified as FDA GRAS, and is a natural food form of selenium that contains the full composition of bio-available seleno-compounds.  

Connell Brothers, the largest marketer and distributor of specialty chemicals and industrial ingredients in Asia-Pacific, announced today that it has entered into a marketing and distribution agreement with Cypress, the manufacturer of SelenoExcell.  In addition to SelenoExcell, Connell Brothers will also market and distribute the company’s full line of nutritional ingredients.   

“We’re excited to be able to include Cypress’ SelenoExcell as part of our nutraceutical portfolio of ingredients,” said Alex Grantz, business development manager for Connell Brothers.  Grantz says that Connell Brothers’ nutraceutical portfolio is a high-growth area for the company as its customers in Asia-Pacific continue to seek out innovative health and wellness ingredients.   

“With the extensive Asia-Pacific reach of Connell Brothers’ strategically located distribution offices, and their commitment to representing the highest quality ingredients, we are equally excited to be a part their nutraceutical ingredient portfolio,” said Paul Willis, chief executive officer and president of Cypress Systems, Inc. 

For further information on the availability of SelenoExcell and Cypress’ other nutritional ingredients, please contact Alex Grantz,  

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