Rob Ogden (Agribusiness)

We work hard on transparency and ease of communications in Minot. One of the ways we practice Operational Consistency is with our inspections.

Sam Engel has created scannable QR’s for all of our monthly inspections. This includes everything from Eyewash Stations, Fire extinguishers, Cleaning schedules, to full Facility Inspections. Inside the QR, we have detailed inspection checklists with instructions and also diagrams/pictures when needed. This gives anyone the ability to pull, review or complete an inspection along with a scheduled reminder sent out to our team when inspections are due. I believe this helps keep our Team on track and also keep us Operationally Consistent!!

Shout out to Sam Engel, Thanks for the creativeness and ingenuity you provide to our team 🥇

Thanks to the Catalyst Team for the opportunity.