Jocellyne Fernandes (Agribusiness)

People Development – Training and teaching new team members each day, enjoying the fellowship of the experience.
Supportive Leadership – Initiating new conversations and building trusted relationships with new people in our organization as often as possible.
Customer Focus – Believing that data quality is the star player in functional support, allows me to help my customers (locations, and I.T.) effectively.
Performance Transparency – Clearly documenting Projects and Progress, presenting DGO efforts to leadership teams and learning from mistakes made, receiving hard-to-hear feedback and pushing forward to achieve strategic goals.
Personal Accountability – I use the DGO Page in WEconnect to track issues and project progress. I use Teams to communicate with my DGO Team Members and to post agendas for upcoming meetings. I follow up the same meetings with notes to the attendees.
Operational Consistency – Documentation of processes and adherence to the business processes as they evolve keeps me on my Ps & Qs.
Knowledge Sharing – Just wrote an article (with Jeff Hershberger’s help), for Ag COE’s quarterly newsletter, speaking to the Idera database and how DGO is creating independence in accessibility to the data that grows our business. We are always adding to and developing Idera. I hope to be able to contribute in this way, more often.