Colby Albright (Agribusiness)

Personal Accountability to me is about inspiration, a feeling of being and a feeling of purpose.

I have this continuous thought that my actions whether positive or negative will directly influence others whether that is my customers or my coworkers. And that, can most definitely start a domino effect. And this goes even beyond the scope of where I work.

A smile and a kind word can sometimes be the greatest part of someone else’s day. That is a gift worth giving.

I can think of many times where my entire day was changed by the actions of another, and I have realized that there is power in that. We have the power to influence the life of others by what we say and what we do.

I choose to be a light in my world. And in that I have seen how my influence can tip the scale to brighten someone’s day which can and usually carry over into the lives of others.

I sometimes ponder how my influence has changed the world through a simple chain of events started by something that I said to or did for someone. That could be as small as someone “paying it forward” at their favorite coffee shop or as big as someone helping another fighting a ongoing battle of depression.

These are things that I may never see or know about, but I have total faith and believe that though I am just one person, I CAN make a difference. Even if it is by nothing more than a mere smile, a genuine compliment or asking a coworker if I can assist in a project they may be working on.

Personal accountability is being the best employee, friend and human that I can, and it has the potential of changing lives which I like to believe can change the world. It’s simple but the outcome can be tremendous.